What is Odine?

Odine is a program for viewing images. At present it supports PNG, GIF and JPG. It is written in Java and aims to be (theoretically) platform-independent and tries to avoid getting bloated. The name is a recursive acronym and stands for Odine Displays Images, Nothing Else and it is the aim of the project to keep that as true as possible. No fancy features or bloated functions, just plain 'ole imageviewing.
Odine is open source software and released under the GNU GPL.

Who's behind it and why?

The author of this project is me, Daniel Löfquist. I simply got tired of all of the imageviewers out there being all bloated and stuffed with a bunch of functions that I didn't want or need so I started to write a viewer of my own. It's as simple as that. My aim is not to publish a revolutionary piece of software but rather to scratch a personal itch, atleast to begin with. We'll see what happens.


Since Odine is a Java-application you need a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) in order to run it. Most systems come with this pre-installed but if yours didn't you can get it at Sun's Java-website. I usually compile using the latest version of Java so if you run into any trouble running Odine it may be that your version is older than the one I use. This is easily remedied by simply upgrading your JRE to the latest version.


The current version is 0.2.3. You can download it here and the SourceForge Project Page is here.

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